Make the following sentences a) negative and b)interrogative.

Model: 1. We began to work early yesterday.

a) We did not begin to work early yesterday.

b) Did we begin to work early yesterday?

2. Airs. Green was happy to see her neighbor.

a) Mrs. Green was not happy to see her neighbor.

b) Was Mrs. Green happy to see her neighbor?

1. After classes the students played volley-ball. 2. I was very tired after the lesson. 3.The boss went away on business on Monday. 4. Helen lost her umbrella yesterday. 5. Fortunately I caught the 6 o'clock train. 6. We were at home yesterday evening. 7.I heard a very sweet melody yesterday. 8. Tom made a lot of mistakes in his dictation. 9. Mary and Steve were late for work on Tuesday. 10. Peter did well at maths at school. 11.I read a lot during my holidays. 12. Mr. Smith was at the car race on Sunday. 13. i ran for she bus this morning. 14. The sun rose at 6 a.m. yesterday. 15. Charles bought a new car last month. 16. Mike was at the football match yesterday. 17. We studied grammar at the lesson yesterday. 18. My parents gave me a watch for my birthday. 19. We had a meal at a restaurant yesterday. 20. Somebody stole our car last week.

Put the verbs in brackets into the Future Simple then make the sentences negative and interrogative.

1.We (hope) for the best. 2.He (want) this information in a week. 3.You (have) time to help me tomorrow. 4.He (finish) his experiment soon. 5.She (take) this book from the library tomorrow. 6.Miss Green (sing) at the next concert. 7.They (stay) with as next Christmas. 8. I never (forgive) him. 9.He (be) in Rome to night. 10.It (take) me an hour to get there.

& Reader

Read and translate the following texts.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was born on about: April 23, 1564 m the town of Stratford-on-Avon; in his childhood William goes to the Stratford Grammar School where, besides reading and writing, he studies Latin.

In 1582 when he is eighteen, he marries a farmer's daughter, who is eight years older than himself.

Shakespeare's knowledge of the stage and his poetical genius make his plays the most remarkable ever written.

In 1597 he buys the largest house in Stratford. He spends the last years of his life in his native town. William Shakespeare died in 1616 exactly fifty-two years after the day of his birth.